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“How to Effectively Reach Your Goals This Season”

 Sunday August 4, 2024 1-2:00 pm ET Рlive and recorded

Work With Me

I work with every client to develop a plan that accounts for interests, goals, and lived experiences.

Success is not one-size-fits-all, so I will help you determine and achieve success within the context of what is essential to you.

1-on-1 coaching

Individual support for busy people who are trying to accomplish important goals without overwhelm or overwork. Two coaching options are available: single 1-hour Productivity & Strategy Calls and biweekly Success & Accountability Coaching with weekly check-ins for accountability and motivation.


Customized workshops for organizations and universities with a focus on making productivity, time management, and additional topics more actionable and achievable. 


My online course Perceptible Progress: A Goals Course is an answer to one of the most common questions I hear: How do we accomplish long-term goals through daily actions?


Intentionally Productivity Scholars Program (IPSP) is a virtual offering for undergraduates with a focus on foundational productivity, time management, and goal setting skills.

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