1:1 Coaching

I specialize in sustainable and well-being-oriented productivity. Through 1:1 Coaching, I help clients achieve complex and long-term goals while prioritizing rest and self-care practices.

1:1 Coaching Is Great for…

  • Graduate students who are eager for new solutions, including PhD students trying to complete their dissertations.
  • Professors who are navigating competing professional priorities while living a nourishing life.
  • Creatives and business owners who want to make overflowing to-do lists more manageable so they can accomplish long-term goals.
  • People who live with chronic health issues that affect their access to traditional performances of productivity. I’m passionate about helping clients develop accessible practices to achieve their goals without overwhelming or overtaxing themselves.

Special Offer: 75-Minute Strategy Sessions

From April through June I’ll be offering Strategy Session coaching calls for folks who are ready to hit the refresh button on their productivity plan. During a 75-minute coaching call, we’ll clarify one productivity issue you’re dealing with and develop a clear path you can follow on your own after our call.

No more anxiously staring at your laptop screen, unsure what step to take next: you’ll leave our call with a few tasks to get your to-do list moving and a page of coaching notes. Strategy Sessions are $250 each.

If you’d like to book a Strategy Session, please use the link below. Depending on interest, I may make Strategy Sessions a regular offering in addition to my Success & Accountability Coaching.

Success & Accountability Coaching

Success & Accountability Coaching is THE support I wish I’d had when I was finishing my dissertation. It is a 3, 6, or 9-month coaching container designed to guide you through making progress on a long-term and multi-step goal while compassionately balancing your other personal and professional responsibilities. Whether you’re completing a big writing project, applying to graduate school, or developing new productivity habits, this style of coaching can help you maximize your progress while prioritizing rest and play.

1. Monthly Coaching Calls

These 60-minute coaching calls are where we break your overlapping projects and goals down into task lists, determine which tasks take priority, and develop a plan for you to accomplish these tasks over the next month. I take special care to ensure that your personal goals, self-care, and rest practices are included in our plans and to-do lists. Options are available for 1 or 2 coaching calls per month.

2. Detailed Session Notes with To-Do Lists

I take notes during our call and synthesize them into confidential and detailed coaching notes that I will share within 48 hours. These notes include actionable to-do lists, details about your projects and goals, and deadlines we will generate together on our calls. 

3. Weekly Accountability Check-ins

I check in via email every Monday to inquire into your progress and plans for that week. I’ll ask you to share updates via email, audio, or video message. The benefits of weekly check-ins are that you do not need to wait a whole month to report back and we can navigate potential obstacles or shifts in your approach every week we work together.

4. Additional Support via Email

In addition to responding to my weekly check-in emails, I welcome my coaching clients to reach out anytime during our time together with questions and updates so I can offer personalized support between our coaching calls.

package & Rates

Success & Accountability Coaching is available in 3, 6, or 9-month packages.

All packages can be paid monthly or prepaid in full and you are welcome to pay for the package via your professional development funds. Please let Dr. Henry know if you would like her to generate a proposal or invoice for you to share with your organization. 

One Coaching Call Per Month: $390 per month

  • A 3-month package is $1,170.
  • A 6-month package is $2,340.
  • A 9-month package is $3,510.

Two Coaching Calls Per Month: $590 per month

  • Coaching calls will be scheduled on a recurring basis (for example, every first and third Wednesday of the month at 3-4 pm).
  • A 3-month package is $1,770.
  • A 6-month package is $3,540.
  • A 9-month package is $5,310.

“I had been following Kate throughout her time as a PhD student, and got so much inspiration from her work as I went through my own journey as a PhD student. When I got my postdoc, I knew one of the first things I wanted to do was use my research funds to invest in her coaching. Grad school left me jaded, exhausted, broken and frustrated. I knew there had to be a different way, and I wanted to take the time to explore this possibility with Kate’s business. I did 6 sessions with Kate, and they were so important for my career. I am a mom and at the time, was pregnant with my third child. I was extremely nervous about this new transition, and wanted to really explore what a work/life balance could look like for me. I also wanted to learn different ways to work in a more effective manner to prevent more burnout from occurring. Not only did Kate help me work through questions I had about project management, but she also helped me think through my relationship to work and success. For the longest time, I knew that the way I was working, was not working. But so much of the way that I worked was passed down to me by so many academics who just repeated the cycle that had been passed down to them. I didn’t want to do that. I feel confident that I’ll be able to take the tools I learned from her, both professionally and personally, to shape my life and career into something that I can be proud of!”

Dr. Briana Barner

President’s Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Maryland

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