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Productivity, Slow Living, and Workaholism

Lisa Ben Scholarship (Dr. Henry’s PhD Research and Passion Project)

  • Digital archive on Lisa Ben.
  • “The Third Sex is Here to Stay”: Rhetorical Reconstructions of Lesbian Sexuality in Vice Versa.” The Journal of Lesbian Studies.


  • Ghosty Boo. Book of Poetry. A-Minor Press.
  • Please Excuse This Poem: 100 New Poets for the Next Generation. Viking Press. “There I Was Unrequited”
  • Individual poems published in: A-Minor Magazine, Barrelhouse, Cosmonaut’s Avenue (interview), Delerious Hem, The Destroyer, Dusie, Forklift, Ohio, Ilk, inter|rupture, Jellyfish, La Vague, MISTRESS, Nonbinary Review, Phantom, Quaint, Route Nine Literary Journal, Sixth Finch, Spoke Too Soon.

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